BLESBureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (Philippines)
BLESBroadband Loop Emulation Service (DSLF)
BLESBreast Lesion Excision System
BLESBasic Local Exchange Service (Ohio)
BLESBatesburg-Leesville Elementary School (South Carolina)
BLESBuffer Layer Engineering in Semiconductors (ESPRIT Project 6854)
BLESBlended Learning Environmental Science (project; EU)
BLESBoon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary (Thailand)
BLESBovine Lipid Extract Surfactant
BLESBowron Lake Enhancement Society (Canada)
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BLES PSTN provides a mechanism of transport for these unique characteristics from the Class 5 switch to the Customer Premises Equipment.
Spirent is the first to offer a BLES test application for voice networks and custom calling services to be delivered over Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks.
Service provider revenues and return on investment are maximized with Voice III module density ratings of over 8,000 lines for BLES, MGCP and NCS.