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BLHBaldwin-Lima-Hamilton (locomotive manufacturer)
BLHBellingham, Washington (border patrol station)
BLHBulongwa Lutheran Hospital (Tanzania)
BLHBeauty Lounge Hammam (France)
BLHBeer League Hockey
BLHBaboon Luteinizing Hormone
BLHBidirectional Long Haul
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Atualmente o Brasil dispoe de uma Rede de Bancos de Leite Humano, referencia Latino Americana de BLH, composta de 219 BLHs e 112 Postos de Coleta de Leite Humano (PCLH), que captam e encaminham o leite doado para seus respectivos BLHs.
The BLH DTH hammer range includes the valved BLH5, BLH3, and the valve-less BLH1 models.
The new website boasts a collection of case studies that provide many real-world examples of the broad range of applications and systems built on BLH and Nobel products, both standard and highly customized, and the exceptional engineering resources brought to each installation.
A contaminacao microbiana do leite humano ordenhado pasteurizado e nao pasteurizado em diversos BLH no Brasil foi relatada por varios autores que verificaram existir falhas na observancia das Boas Praticas de Manipulacao em algum momento do processamento.
As prioridades de atendimento de um BLH sao os portadores de necessidades nutricionais especiais: recem-nascidos prematuros, lactentes portadores de infeccao como enteroinfeccoes, portadores de deficiencias imunologicas, especialmente aqueles com alergia a proteina heterologa, e os casos considerados especiais, mediante justificativa medica.
Recently launched by Thermo BLH is the GLT Web Tension Transducer.
It is virtually a free-for-all when it comes to digital networks, and everyone has proprietary networks," says Scott Mogren, instrumentation engineering manager for BLH Electronics of Canton, MA.
If BLH characters contain phylogenetic information, we would predict that they would (1) covary with other BLH characters, that is, contain more cladistic structure than would be expected due to chance, and (2) derive trees that are more congruent with independent trees (i.