BLHGBusiness and Labour History Group (University of Sydney; Australia)
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BLHG chairman Hugh Thomas said: "We have listened and, with our partners' help, we are confident we can take this plan forward to improve our work in ensuring the promotion of healthy and responsible sexual relationships.
But Rev Ian Howells of Brackla Baptist Church, Bridgend, said BLHG was taking the wrong approach.
BLHG has further announced that it is in the process of working with its auditors, Hoffski & Pisano, CPAs of Newport, California to prepare for the company's audit which will commence at the close of this fiscal year at the end of this month.
The management of BLHG and Wellux have developed a strategy that primarily focused on increasing market share and profitability in Europe, developing the US market and, to a lesser extent, the slowly growing Asia market.
allowing BLHG to become a main player in the manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of plastic consumer goods.
Hans Lodders has joined BLHG as the Chairman of the Board and the Director of Far East Operations.
Ronald Steenbergen has also joined the Board of Directors allowing BLHG to benefit from his 20 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of high end specialized plastic products.