BLHIB.L. Harbert International (Birmingham, AL)
BLHIBina Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia (Indonesian: Bina Environment Indonesia)
BLHIBellaggio by Levitt Homes, Inc. (Florida)
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Thompson was selected for his leadership and contributions to the company's success over the past 16 years, where he served in various leadership positions including estimating and preconstruction services for BLHI's US Group.
Also, according to (Actionbioscience 2015), there are three types of UHIs: a) Boundary Layer Heat Island (BLHI); b) Canopy Layer Heat Island (CLHI); and c) Surface Heat Island (SHI).
Oke (1995) and Yow (2007) demonstrated that UHI could be divided into three types: Canopy Layer Heat Island (CLHI), Boundary Layer Heat Island (BLHI), and Surface Urban Heat Island (SUHI) [12, 13] whereby the first two types refer to atmospheric urban heat island.