BLIBBlock Level Incremental Backup
BLIBBachelor of Library Science
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The system was used for actors' pay as well as departmental expenditure, and BLib shows that two actors shared the same posting number.
Besides the scenemen, Aber also shows that payment for the Guards, Barbers and Billsetters was made on a weekly basis, and entered accordingly (BLib lists a daily figure, with a weekly total helpfully entered in the margin at the end of each week).
BLib shows a daily allocation of 5 guineas to "Mr Rich".
BLib does things differently It puts the full house charge of 63 [pounds sterling] as the received income, and the deficit as an expense.
The regular payment that topped the list of expenditure in BLib each night was described as "Rent".
BLib also carries forward 24 [pounds sterling] 3s 3d, but this only necessitates an error of 5s 6d.
It would also be severely hampered by BLib's method of allocating money for a purpose, and then making the necessary adjustments at the end of the year.
Both BLib and Aber show income from this source of 289 [pounds sterling] 6s 5d on 7 October 1758.
It is not a ledger like BLib, where each page is devoted to a single day, but a notebook half the size (approximately 8 inches by 6 inches).
There were only three ambiguous responses in the single label condition and no such cases in the 'chomps or blibs' condition.
Number of participants generalizing to intermediate patterns, or not, as a function of category labeling, in Experiment 1 Selected intermediate Not selected intermediate Instructions patterns patterns Training items: Chomps or blibs 6 19 Training items: Single label 11 10 Table 2.
(1) We also had to reject a participant in the single label condition as this participant had done a similar experiment before and one participant in the 'chomps or blibs' condition who failed to understand the instructions.