BLIDBedre Luft I Drammen (Norwegian: Better Air Faculties; Norway)
BLIDBureau of Livestock Identification (California Department of Food and Agriculture)
BLIDBuried Line Intrusion Detector
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Ellickson, supra note 2, at 93, 107 (proposing to overcome the free rider problem through BLIDs, in which all affected owners would be required to pay assessments, regardless of whether they agreed to the creation of the district, and acknowledging that the BLID proposal involves coercion); Nelson, supra note 30, at 833-34 (proposing a mechanism by which homeowners associations would be created by less than unanimous consent, thereby addressing the difficulties of collective action).
Ellickson, supra note 2, at 93 (proposing to overcome the free rider problem through a BLID in which all benefitted owners would be required to pay assessments, regardless of consent); id.
Joan Spahl, Despina Condos, Jeanette Kasiersici, Linda Cunningham, Dorthea Mellen, Evelyn Helpa, Irene Augustyn, Jean Kondek, Ann Atkins, Michael Note, Jeannette Gelineau, Margaret Hopfer, Carol Rocheleau, Pauline Dziembowski, Josephine Bottieri, Alice Kujawski, Shirley Lamarre, Lorraine Winslow, Maria Econome, Norma Waterhouse, Liz Beals, Janice Castonguay, Lynn Kwiecinski, Marcella Roy, Barbara Cichowski, Linda Bazinet, Emma Cote, Sandra Smith, Laura Joseph, Rita Berry, Nancy Roy, T'Leah Summers, Evelyn Kullas, Joan Blid.
Sdn Blid Sendirian Berhad (limited liability company).
The ruling follows a case in which a regional court in the western city of Darmstadt had rejected the claim of a 37-year-old woman who had been advised by several doctors to have breast reduction surgery to alleviate back pain and the social stigma she suffered, reports Blid.
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Is it blid, is it juice, is it a chairge, ur they randy?
the proposed BLID entities would be structured, the incentives-based
115) Ellickson's proposed BLIDs, however, more closely