BLIFBerkeley Logic Interchange Format
BLIFBasic Listing Information File (telephony)
BLIFBand-Limited Interpolation Function
BLIFBusiness Loan and Investment Fund
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[14] "Berkeley logic interchange format (blif)," 1996.
The Logic Synthesis benchmarks contain examples from two-level logic in PLA (ESPRESSO) format, finite-state tables in KISS or ESPRESSO-MV format and multilevel logic in BLIF or Netlist-BLIF format.
We used near-infrared spectroscopy, a silent and non-invasive technique that tells us how the oxygenation of the brain cortex (those very first centimeters of gray matter just below the scalp) changes in time, to look at the brain reactions of Italian newborn babies when listening to good and bad word candidates as described above (e.g., blif, lbif).