BLIMBoy Lost in Music (UK producer)
BLIMBerthing Latch Interface Mechanism
BLIMBachelor of Library and Information Management
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And it was blim, blam, blim, six times an' twice over, with his two big horse-pistols, an' the house perforated like a cullender.
where [F.sub.[alpha]] and [F.sub.[beta]] are the controllable magnetic suspension force components along the [alpha]- and [beta]-coordinate axes; [K.sub.m] is the magnetic suspension force coefficient determined by the BLIM structure; [i.sub.s2m] and [i.sub.s2t] are the control current components of magnetic suspension force along the M- and T-coordinate axes.
Furthermore, some extensions of the BLIM have been proposed, like, for example, the GainLoss Model (Robusto, Stefanutti, & Anselmi, 2010; de Chiusole, Anselmi, Stefanutti, & Robusto, 2013), a model for assessing learning processes, and a probabilistic model for skill dependence (de Chiusole & Stefanutti, 2013) were developed and applied to real data.
"I'm thrilled that so many people voted for me and my story, this is truly a wonderful program," says Blim.
Such stocks would be defined as those with a recruitment rate or renewal rate' below a certain limit reference point (Blim) for three consecutive years.
This celebration of grassroots capitalism is not new, nor is it unique to South Africa (see, for example, Blim 2005).
Ayrica bu ifadenin kapsami icine peloido terapi (camur tedavisi), klimaterapi (blim tedavisi), speoterapi (magara tedavisi) de girer (1,6).
(60.) MICHAEL BLIM, EQUALITY & ECONOMY THE GLOBAL CHALLENGE 1-2 (2004) (discussing the world's increasing economic inequality).
This excellent interdisciplinary book by anthropologist Michael Blim analyses inequality and poverty around the world and considers proposals to address them.
But many venues, including the Butcher Shop, Misanthropy, the Cobalt, and Blim, which support their "loosely spun underground web of cross-cutting identities" (Ferrell, 2001, p.
Lawyers for Chicago-based firm Blim & Edelson said they're seeking to expand the case into a national class action.