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BLIMPB Lymphocyte-Induced Maturation Protein
BLIMPBoundary Layer Integral Matrix Procedure
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The blimp's parachutes were stored neatly in the gondola where they should have been, but two lifejackets were missing.
American Blimp Corp is headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon.
Ask your students what ideas they have for new inventions that use blimps. Have them share their ideas, and check out other kids' ideas, at the Share section of the Design Squad Nation website.
During World War II, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company manufactured approximately 130 non-rigid airships, designated as ZPNK-class blimps, for the U.S.
But after being used only a few times it was found the blimp's outer skin kept ripping and tearing in rain or windy weather.
Suddenly 16 ground-crew members rushed toward the descending blimp. They took hold of the dangling cables and held tight to steady it.
The overall theme chosen for the blimp campaign was one of celebration and engagement--"The Biggest Thing to Happen to Cotton." Taking cues from world fairs and big top circus events of the early 1900s, the Avicta Complete Cotton blimp was larger than life and surrounded by fanfare and hoopla.
You didn't just walk in here and fly a blimp. Do you have some background in flying model airplanes?
The blimps provide aerial television coverage for sporting and special events.
MetLife Inc., New York, has announced the debut of "Snoopy Three," the newest blimp in its 20-year-old blimp program.
Why doesn't Cheltenham buy or hire a blimp when the sun's low?
They print an underground literary magazine, smash a bully's bootlegging operation, and escape from a girls' school in the night in a blimp Roger constructs, among other escapades.