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BLIPSBasic Learning in Primary Schools (Australia)
BLIPSBenthic Layer Interactive Profiling System
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For this reason, these blips are often more common in individuals who have a condition that compromises their ability to pay attention, such as those with ADD or a learning disability.
With the introduction of more sensitive laboratory methods to quantify plasma HIV-1 RNA levels, an increase in the number of episodes of intermittent low-level viremia (ie, viral blips) has occurred among patients on stable antiretroviral regimens with previously undetectable viral loads.
All blips that happen on or after the Retroactive Date and before the End Date of the last policy we issue to you in an uninterrupted succession of renewed policies and that are the same, continuous, repeated or in a series of interrelated blips or are temporally, logically or causally connected by facts, circumstances, situations, transactions, events, advice, dissemination, utterances or decisions are deemed to be a single blip happening at the time the earliest of those blips happened during that time period.
"We've picked up five points from seven matches, which is a blip, but that's all it is," said Worthington.
The surveys showed blips of various sizes that could represent broken pottery, altars, and caches of ceremonial objects.
These so-called blips probably represent random biologic and statistical variation around mean steady-state HIV-1 RNA levels slightly below 50 copies/mL.
But the Haig Avenue boss, who believes the Sandgrounders are 18 points away from thetitle, said: 'Although the pressure is still on us to a certain extent, we have got the cushion w here we know we can have one or two blips and still do enough.
Newcastle United have suffered more blips so far this season than a charva has had one-night stands.
While there have been rare blips of viral load, we have not seen virologic failure in this group.
So is this a new trend, possibly inspired by Greece's defence-dominated drive to Euro 2004 dominance, or just one of those blips?
Scheibitz's archive is no Atlas, but rather a collection of meaningless blips in the cultural miasma, a cross section of our kaleidoscopic visual world.