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BLIPSBasic Learning in Primary Schools (Australia)
BLIPSBenthic Layer Interactive Profiling System
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For this reason, these blips are often more common in individuals who have a condition that compromises their ability to pay attention, such as those with ADD or a learning disability.
Furthermore the gradient of positive or negative throttle blips can be considered as independent from engine speed.
As a result, care must be taken when comparing data regarding the significance and management of blips.
All blips that happen on or after the Retroactive Date and before the End Date of the last policy we issue to you in an uninterrupted succession of renewed policies and that are the same, continuous, repeated or in a series of interrelated blips or are temporally, logically or causally connected by facts, circumstances, situations, transactions, events, advice, dissemination, utterances or decisions are deemed to be a single blip happening at the time the earliest of those blips happened during that time period.
It has got very close, which is the result of our blip, but the consolation is that we haven't lost a lot of ground because other teams have been slipping up as well," said Worthington.
Unlike blips, consistently detectable viremia and high-magnitude spikes (over 2000 copies/mL) in viral load remain a cause for concern, the investigators concluded, noting that more study is needed to define when such viremia should trigger a change in therapy.
A draw at Crystal Palace, a defeat to Portsmouth etc ( all put down to a blip.
Their special blip was no figment of their imagination.
About a year ago, however, MDH process technologist John Goff and Dynisco UK's Bill Davies theorized that these blips might be something more than noise and might even reveal something about the molding process.
Often, blips would fill up a depth layer on the monitors' screens, then move up and down over the course of the night.