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He pronounced them a hoax, merely members of two nearby tribes, the Tboli and Blit Manobo, whom Elizalde had paid to act like Stone Age primitives.
Molony and Tuan (1976) showed that the Tasaday speak a language closely related to the agricultural Blit Manobo and because all other known Philippine nomads are "Negrito," the Tasaday almost certainly represent a breakaway group of former rice farmers.
During the three-day hearing, Wiercinski's lawyer Matthew Blit told the jurors: "They would call him a dirty Jew and when he would say, 'But I took a bath,' they would laugh and say, 'No, you still smell like Jew.'"
"Nobody should have to work under those conditions," Gallardo's lawyer, high-powered employment attorney Matthew Blit, told the Post.
The eight models are Crown, Crown Estate, Crown Majesta, Mark II, Mark II Blit, Verossa, Progres and Brevis.
There are two kinds of BLT--the branch profits tax (BPT) and the branch level interest tax (BLIT)--and each involves a different computation.
Nearly all accounts of the Tasaday that do not dismiss them as a government-sponsored hoax perpetrated during the Marcos administration in the Philippines take this point of view: a few Blit Manobo or Cotabato Manobo families broke away from their natal village and returned to the forest, over time losing all record of how they had gotten to where they were found.
Sales of its Orangina jumped 13 per cent following a big advertising blit z.
Anglers aboard Dave BLit's boat Upholder, newly fitted with a 360HP engine have been taking over 100 fish, many smaller fish being returned, on some trips, mostly cod to 6lb, with fish of 8lb for Steve Wilson, Neil Cowan a Pollock of 5lb, a typical catch is Ian Stanfields 13 cod plus a Pollock of 5lb.
on Friday launched the Mark II Blit, a luxury station wagon featuring a range of sophisticated driving equipment and a roomy interior at a relatively low cost.