BLJBlackRock New Jersey Municipal Bond Trust (stock symbol; Wilmington, DE)
BLJBusiness Law Journal (various locations)
BLJBrown Lloyd James (public relations firm)
BLJBataljon Limburgse Jagers (Dutch Army Platoon)
BLJBackwards Long Jump (Super Mario 64)
BLJBons Loisirs Jeunes (French: Youth Recreation Bonds)
BLJBene-Luxe Jewels (Dutch jeweler)
BLJBad Love Junkie (singer/songwriter)
BLJBumper Lift Jack (automotive)
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Byron himself referred to the poems as his Eastern tales; see BLJ, 3:157.
I will combat lustily--" (to John Murray, 14 November 1813, BLJ, 3:165).
BLJ is an international public relations firm with offices in New York, Washington DC, London and Doha.
4) Letter to Murray of 4 December 1813, BLJ, III, 191-92.
5) Famously, he also asserts: 'Stick to the East;--the oracle, Sta*el, toldme it was the only poetical policy' (letter to Moore of 28 August 1813, BLJ, III, 101).
All subsequent references to Byron's letters will be abbreviated BLJ.
See Byron's letters to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Leigh Hunt in BLJ 4: 286, 4:318.
Marchand, 12 volumes (Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1973-1982) 9:152, 10:115; hereafter cited parenthetically in the text as BLJ.
I never can forgive that woman, or breathe in comfort under the same roof" (November 30, 1808; BLJ I.
The third situation--Byron's desire to be in-noxious--is represented by the figure the young Lord cuts in Albania when he complains of the homosexual advances of a powerful Pasha--yet another repetition of the abusive persecutions perpetuated by his fantasmic parental couple May Grey and Lord Grey--by rhetorically dressing himself up as an "`ingenuous youth'" (Letter to Hobhouse, August 16, 1810; BLJ II.
McGann follows the usual custom in this quote of using BLJ to refer to Byron's Letters & Journals, ed.
These redemptions, which are being made at the liquidation preference of $25,000 per share (in the case of BHV, BLJ, BPS and BZM) and $50,000 per share (in the case of MHE), together with accrued and unpaid dividends to the redemption date, if any, are being announced in connection with the placement of privately issued preferred shares, as announced on June 14, 2012.