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BLKBlackRock, Inc. (stock symbol; New York, NY)
BLKBeyond Limits Known (sportswear; various locations)
BLKBund Länder Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung (German: Bund-Länder Commission for Educational Planning and Research Promotion; est. 1970)
BLKBlocked Shot (basketball)
BLKBlock Template File
BLKBlocked Kick (football)
BLKBlackpool, England, United Kingdom - Blackpool (Airport Code)
BLKBielska Liga Koszykowki (Polish basketball league)
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Willis; Deed; Franklin Place Add Sesser Lots 7 thru 9 Blk 8.
Anne Curtis, brand ambassador of Shopee Philippines, said, "I am excited to be able to launch blk Cosmetics newest collection first and exclusively on Shopee.
Curtis launched blk Cosmetics, which she cofounded, in September.
Mark Holt, commercial director of BLK UK, said: "We're extremely pleased to enter into this partnership - it is a great opportunity for BLK United Kingdom to enter professional football and work with a forward-thinking club.
The main reason for the popularity of subsonic .300 BLK ammunition is due to the popularity of suppressors.
While a relatively new name in northern hemisphere rugby, BLK is a major player in the sports industry.
BLK Water is water with fulvic minerals and electrolytes.
In addition, BLK engages in sustainable forest management, has a license from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an international forest certification system covering all forest areas.
BLK Denim, owned by Sun Capital, will remain in the space with 3% annual rental increases until June 2016 and than may opt to renew for another five years.
Huntsman Advanced Arathane CW8690/HW869 BLK, EL, EN, RTC
The event marked the 14th overall successful intercept, in 16 attempts, for the Aegis BMD program and the second successful intercept of a terminal phase (last few seconds of flight) target by a modified Standard Missile-2 Block IV (SM-2 Blk IV) interceptor.
But for the issue's release party, we got a little piece of Johannesburg to come to us, in the forceful form of BLK JKS, making their first visit to the US.