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What are the effects (of the war on drugs) that go beyond someone's death?' rapper BLKD told the Inquirer.
Composed of rap artists Calix, BLKD, playwright Mixkaela Villalon and researchers Abbey Pangilinan, Tanya Quijano and Ica Fenandez, Sandata uses hip-hop music to highlight the damage of the war on drugs.
Calix and BLKD have been known on the hip-hop scene as political rappers.
Calix and BLKD said this was their first project that had made waves in the short time since the album was released.
Asked if they are worried about intervention from government officials as in the case of Shanti Dope's song 'Amatz,' BLKD said they were unfazed.
Speaking offstage after a fiery performance, BLKD, Allen in real life, said what he hopes is to at least be a reflection of society.
. "To me, as a bare minimum, it is important for art to reflect what is happening in society," BLKD says in Filipino in a conversation outside the show venue.
And while BLKD acknowledges his identity as an activist, his calls to action are not limited to taking the streets.
BLKD is aware of socially-conscious rap's history as a tool of expression against marginalization of minority communities in the United States, and believes that it is possible to use rap and performance art to push back against oppression here in the Philippines.
BLKD said that he traceship hop, its culture and how it was created by "marginalized sectors," and follows the school of hip hop that islyrically conscious of societal problems.
It's not new, we're just being true to it" BLKD said.
In addition to discussions on the pork barrel system, Reyes said there would also be several performances from individuals such as fliptop artist BLKD and Darryl Shy of The Voice.