BLMCBritish Leyland Motor Corporation
BLMCBuried Logic Macrocell
BLMCBroadway Lighting Master Classes (New York, NY)
BLMCBritish Leyland Motor Company (UK)
BLMCBaptist-Lutheran Medical Center (Kansas City, MO)
BLMCvan Buren Logistic Management Consultancy
BLMCBlack Lion Motorcycle Club
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The MG marque continued to be used by the successors of BLMC, including the Rover Group which entered receivership in 2005.
Dr Robert Morley, executive secretary of BLMC, said: "The Government is trying to force an illogical 'one size fits all' contract on to all the nation's GP practices.
When BLMC came along with its imitation Fords, like the cheese-wedge Austin Princess, they were just that: ersatz and poor quality at the same time.
Drawing heavily from Pininfarina's BLMC 1800 Aerodynamica proposal, the CX was the last Citron to be styled by the great Robert Opron before he left the company.
Not least is the question of how a little-known, slenderly-resourced car company from Jiangsu province can succeed in securing a future for the Rover and MG brands where BMC, BLMC, Austin-Morris, British Aerospace, BMW and Phoenix Venture Holdings failed
Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation (BLMC) (Pink Sheets:BLMC), which owns around 90,000 acres of marshlands in St Bernard Parish, Louisiana, said on Thursday that it is continuing to monitor the outer marshes of St Bernard Parish for any signs of oil.
Containment booms are deployed along most seaward inlets and some parts of BLMC property, with more being deployed throughout the area at present.
At its peak, BLMC owned nearly 40 different manufacturing plants across the country, including Longbridge.
Dear Editor, - In the wake of the recent closure of MG Rover and the apparent end of British volume car production, it is illuminating to remind ourselves of the enthusiasm of the former Chairman of BLMC (Rover's enlarged predecessor), Lord Stokes, for British entry into the then Common Market.
Those of us who were sceptical of the ability of BLMC, given, for one thing, the already ancient state of its Longbridge plant, to 'clean up' in a market which was the home of Volkswagen.
The South Koreans could be set to copy Japanese manufacturers who swooped on sites left empty when BLMC, the predecessor of MG Rover, axed half its dealers in a so-called 'night of the long knives' 40 years ago.
'The interesting dynamic within the industry will be to observe whether there is a rapid cherry picking of disenfranchised dealers as happened forty years ago in the night of the long knives when BLMC axed half its dealers - and the Japanese brands visited most of those dealers within a few weeks,' the report says.