BLNABusy Line No Answer
BLNABilateral Lightwave Network Analyzer
BLNABreast Lymph Node Assay
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We introduced the GeneSearch [TM] Breast Lymph Node Assay (BLNA) (Veridex, Warren, New Jersey, USA), the first commercially available qRT-PCR (quantitative reverse transcriptase- polymerase chain reaction) assay for intraoperative assessment of sentinel lymph node material, into our breast unit in November 2007.
[DELTA]lnP = [DELTA]lnM - (1+[alpha]) [DELTA]lnY + blnA ...
We can be proud of this title, our athletes and professionals, and of Budapest, because the title is a clear acknowledgement of the fact that we can be a worthy host of large-scale sports events, and that we also play an important role in international sports life within the field of recreational and youth sports, the Minister of State said on Tuesday at the Budapest Sports Life - Budapest European Capital of Sport 2019 conference at the Blna (Whale) cultural centre.