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BLOBoston Lyric Opera
BLOBarbie Liberation Organization
BLOBoiled Linseed Oil (finishing oil applied to wood and metal)
BLOBack Loop Only (crochet instructions)
BLOBeni-Lubero Online (political blog)
BLOBorder Liaison Office
BLOBinary Large Object
BLOBase Level Operations
BLOBureau Line Office (Luxembourg; business furniture and equipment)
BLOBetter Life Option
BLOButt Line Zero
BLOBelow the Line Observatory (France; marketing company)
BLOBounded Linear Operator
BLOBehzad Law Office (Doha, Qatar)
BLOBacon, Lettuce, and Onion (Sandwich)
BLOBike Like Object
BLOBayerische Landesbibliothek Online (German: Bararian Regional Library Online)
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BLO pens feature a unique construction, which enables you to safely create spray art, by simply blowing through the barrel of the pen.
When J TAK investigative team contacted BLO in Gurgaon election office, he offered to give a discount of ` 100- 200 per vote.
Eventually, with the help of two lawyers and eight re-drafts later, the final proclamation to establish the BLO was reached.
This is our industry's highest recognition for business and is a direct reflection of the talents and commitment of the BLO design team," said Bryan Nunes.
BLO presents small operas using young singers opt yet ready for large solo roles in either of the two professional opera companies in the province, but its roots lie in the 1970s, when voice teacher Margarita Noye decided she wanted to provide an opera company for her singing students: There was nothing for chorus members who wanted to play major roles, and it was also good for students to work as professionals.
Tenders are invited for Pprinting of the BLO Register,
This month, BLO is named to the 2007 SALON TODAY 200 list by the editorial staff and an independent panel of judges.
Blom ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker code BLO.
on hirefor Polling Stations of BLO at 169 Ghatkopar( West)
on hire for Polling Stations of BLO at 156 Vikhroli
Tenders are invited for Vidhansabha Election 2014 Providing Mandap & Furniture for BLO Help Desk For 177 Bandra (West)