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BLOBBinary Large Object
BLOBBlitter Object (computer architecture)
BLOBBiologically Liberated Organo-Beasties
BLOBBig Lump on Board (personel flying in a non crew position on military aircraft)
BLOBBum Lying on Bench
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It's Blob's duty to smash, scoot and splash colour and freedom back into the Raydians' world.
He knows you know it, too, and he's fond of displacing this knowledge you both share to the level of formal self-awareness, "optimistic expectations," says the blob in one strip.
Top flies this week were: Blobs, Minkies and Snakes.
He said: "We got the idea for The Blob from a trip to Austria and a park called Area 47 near Innsbruck.
The other blobs are a mix of computer opponents and other players online and the battle for the high score has never been more fun.
The StorSimple solution uses SharePoint APIs to offload large BLOBs from SharePoint databases.
The blob shut it down on the first day of the holiday."
(ii) blob detection based on (Normalized Laplacian of Gaussian) NLoG;
FANS of Premier League football and multi-coloured blobs could do worse than check out the 'Interactive s Molecules' on the Match Story website.
We began by painting our blobs on long 6" x 36" pieces of heavy drawing paper, left from another project.