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BLOCBusiness Line of Credit
BLOCBuy Low or Cash (UBS investment product)
BLOCBlue Lightning Operations Center (US Customs)
BLOCBasic Logistics Officers Course
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administration would like that Ayad Allawi takes over as prime minister for the next government and put pressure on the political blocs to accept him as an acceptable candidate to the majority of the parties as U.
The head of (Diyala our identity bloc), MP Salim al- Jobouri announced at a news conference on Thursday that "a number of winning political blocs announced the formation of the Union of the national forces ( the Union ) , which includes Muttahidoon, Arabia, Iraq's unity, salvation , Diyala our identity, the Sons of Iraq and Waf for Anbar and a number of independent MPs.
He explained: "The Alliance will begin, after drawing its strategy, holding dialogues with other political blocs and decide with whom to ally, in the light of the response of the political blocs to the contents of the negotiating paper, which includes the demands of the masses in the six revolted provinces.
In a statement issued following the meeting by MP Jamal Jarrah, the Future bloc expressed firm belief in the Maronite Patriarchate's steady and rigid stances "throughout its history of existence.
He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The Federal Court has interpreted the issue of government formation by the largest parliamentary bloc, which is formed after the elections, which does not mean the winning bloc, that shows that Maliki will face difficulties to form a government unless allied with other blocs to get half plus one .
NNA - "Future" Bloc denounced in the strongest terms the attack on the army that occurred last Sunday evening in the city of Sidon, considering such an attack as "a criminal, terrorist act which cannot be accepted or tolerated.
NNA - The family of late former deputy and minister, Popular bloc head Elias Skaff held a memorial marking the forty day after his passing away, at Zahle and Beqa Church, led by Father Talal Taalab and attended by scores of local dignitaries and political, official, party, military and social figures.
The work awarded at our annual awards represents the best of what Indigenus has to offer-locally grown, world-class creative," said Rico Viray, Chairman of Indigenus and Founding Partner of The Bloc in New York.
The bloc of Ashrafieh: Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon
For his part, Khaled al-Jash'ami, the head of the citizen bloc in the Council confirmed that: "The alliance includes the members of the two blocs, totaling 10 members, after being approved officially by the heads of the political blocs in Baghdad,".
Leaders of parties that forged the right-wing Reformist Bloc last year have announced they are to decide on a single Chair next month.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: White Bloc MP Aziz Sharif al-Mayahi criticized the resignation of Iraqiya bloc MPs in the light of Anbar crisis, describing this action as "part of electoral propaganda".