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BLOCSBusiness Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (Philadelphia)
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Unsettled border conflicts among some counties have presented challenges to the peaceful cohesion of communities, resulting in divisions while trying to operationalise the regional blocs.BORDER CONFLICTSThe most common border conflicts that have threatened the good relations of counties within the same regional blocs involve Kisumu and Nandi, Kisumu and Kericho, Vihiga and Kisumu and Nyandarua and Laikipia.
The parliamentary bloc of Nidaa Tounes officially asked on Tuesday, November 13 the HPR bureau to dismiss the five deputies of the bloc, namely Taher Fdhil, Bechir Ben Amor, Ikram Moulahi, Belkacem Dekheli and Jihane Aouichi.
The bloc is also expected to come up with ways of ending food insecurity, fighting perennial drought and managing natural resources.
BEIRUT: As MPs and parliamentary bloc representatives emerged from meetings with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri over the Cabinet formation Monday, some declared their requests for particular ministerial portfolios, while others were reticent to reveal details of the discussions.
In the 2017 elections, the Islamic Wafaa' Bloc won 25 seats out of 51, the Martyr Yasser Arafat Bloc won 22 seats and Student Progressive Democratic Pole Bloc held four seats.
Bello was reacting to reports that leaders of the ruling coalition, including a bloc led by Ako Bicol Rep.
In addition to maintaining the goals of the revolution and continuing peaceful protests to bring down the "oppressive and tyrannical regime", the bloc's aims include retribution for "all martyrs" who died since the start of the revolution.
"Fast track" or "trade promotion authority" is a key component of the scheme to enmesh our nation in a system of regional trade blocs. Granting the president "fast track" authority violates the separation of powers by granting a legislative role to the executive branch.
If a reduction in the number of trade blocs makes inter-bloc trade less important then the market power of the trade blocs is reduced and the Nash equilibrium tariffs will fall.
But I do see a creeping protectionism on trade, creeping restrictions on foreign investment, and an inward turning of the world into trading blocs. They already exist in North America and the European Community, and, more obscurely, in the investment ties between Japan and some Pacific Rim countries.