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BLOCSBusiness Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (Philadelphia)
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For his part, Khaled al-Jash'ami, the head of the citizen bloc in the Council confirmed that: "The alliance includes the members of the two blocs, totaling 10 members, after being approved officially by the heads of the political blocs in Baghdad,".
The Globe A Kurdish member of the Kurdistan Alliance Bloc in the Iraqi Council of Representatives says National Alliance Bloc MPs opposed the idea of recognizing Kurdish as an official language in Iraq during the parliament debate on the official languages draft law on 22 October, 2013.
The 'National Revolutionary Movements' bloc was launched in a press conference held at the headquarters of the 6 April Democratic Front's Party on Monday.
The Iraqi elections resulted in the win for the Iraqia bloc with 91 seats
In chapter six, they examine countries that are not part of any trade blocs and predict the movement of these countries towards the three trade blocs.
Fast track" or "trade promotion authority" is a key component of the scheme to enmesh our nation in a system of regional trade blocs.
William Mills III, Chair of BLOCS and President, The PNC Financial Services Group, Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey announced that businesses donated 1.
Many fear regionalization of trade and investment will lead to the formation of inward-looking, protectionist regional trade blocs.
The United States has gone from being half again as big as the other blocs combined to their being half again as big as us.
This bloc might be called a "quasi-trading" bloc to distinguish it from the trading blocs of the 1930s.
Clients can also create Currency blocs that will help them to monitor a portfolio's exchange rate risk for currencies that tend to move together.
She said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "The State of Law bloc is committed in the presence of today's meeting, in order to work with other blocs to pass what is on the agenda.