BLODBlinking Lights of Death
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"I applied, thinking everyone would apply and then one of the sergeants rang me and said: 'Your name's been chosen out of the hat, you've got one of the puppies, would you like to come down and meet them?' "That's the day I met Beti and her sister Blod and I took Beti home then.
Withoute the blod of a barn he beth nat ysaved, The whiche barn mote nedes be borne of a mayde, And with the blod of that barn enbaumed and ybaptised....
Blod Lactate Clearance = [[blood lactate.sub.intrial] - [blood lactate.sub.delay]/[blood lactate.sub.intrial]] x 100
For every additional two hours spent watching television per day, the risk of deadly pulmonary embolism - or blod clot in the lungs - rose by 40 percent, the researchers found.
Mean platelet volume levels were not statistically different (p=0.478).The neutrophil count had a sensitivity of 76.19%, specificity of 56.92%, positive predictive value of 85.11%, and negative predictive value of 42.53%; white blod cell count had sensitivity 68.10%, specificity 61.54%, positive predictive value 85.12%, and negative predictive value 37.38%; mean platelet volume level had sensitivity 74.76%, specificity 35.38%, positive predictive value 78.89%, and negative predictive value 30.26%; and C-reactive protein level had sensitivity 84.29%, specificity 30.77%, positive predictive value 79.73%, and negative predictive value 37.74%.
Miyagi is the newest kid on the Blod Street block, adding 'ghetto Asian fusion' to the already burgeoning offer of Italian, Caribbean, Indian, Middle Eastern and North African cuisine.
Other culture media used were nutrient agar media, Mac-Conkey media, blod agar media, peptone water and sugar media.
Ebrauk assures Henry (to whom he has just given the keys of the city) 'Nevir to this citie to presume no pretence / But holly I remytte it to your governaunce'; he goes on to request 'your great grace gif not your ye / Only to this citie of insufficience / But graciously considre ther wille and diligence' and confirms that 'For your blod this citie made never digression / as recordeth by the great hurte for blode of your excellence'.
Jack threatens Careaway with being "washed in warme blod" (1.367)--a violent echo of the eucharistic promise of being "washed through his most precious blood" (58)--and Careaway ruefully recalls: "withe him I supped and dranke truelye!" (1.791; see also: 11.378-82).