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BLOODBack Link over Optimization Devaluation
BLOODBrotherly Love Overcomes Our Destruction
BLOODBrothers Leading Others Outta Darkness
BLOODBlood Love Overcomes Our Depressions (gang)
BLOODBrotherly Love Overcomes Oppression and Destruction
BLOODBe Loyal Or Otherwise Die
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But there are many other circumstances which evince that what I have alleged is the true cause of the motion of the blood: thus, in the first place, the difference that is observed between the blood which flows from the veins, and that from the arteries, can only arise from this, that being rarefied, and, as it were, distilled by passing through the heart, it is thinner, and more vivid, and warmer immediately after leaving the heart, in other words, when in the arteries, than it was a short time before passing into either, in other words, when it was in the veins; and if attention be given, it will be found that this difference is very marked only in the neighborhood of the heart; and is not so evident in parts more remote from it.
It is no easy task to understand unfamiliar blood; I hate the reading idlers.
He that writeth in blood and proverbs doth not want to be read, but learnt by heart.
Blood was bubbling over his chin and down upon his ragged shirt.
The little boys seemed to leer gloatingly at the blood upon the other child's face.
The doctor retired into the kitchen, where, addressing himself to the landlady, he complained bitterly of the undutiful behaviour of his patient, who would not be blooded, though he was in a fever.
Indeed, I think the gentleman in a very dangerous way, and, if he is not blooded, I am afraid will die."
"Who has dared to bewitch the king and to strike blood upon his house?"
"Thus, then, did we sit and hold sad talk with one another, I on the one side of the trench with my sword held over the blood, and the ghost of my comrade saying all this to me from the other side.
"Nay," I answered; "we shed no blood of men except in just punishment; but if thou wilt see, bid thy servants drive in an ox through the kraal gates, and before he has run twenty paces I will strike him dead."
The hand that held the steel: For only blood can wipe out blood,
They feed upon raw cow's flesh; when they kill a cow, they keep the blood to rub their bodies with, and wear the guts about their necks for ornaments, which they afterwards give to their wives.