BLORABelton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area (Texas)
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To take one example, we collected broker and voter lists from one candidate who was running for a seat in the DPRD of Blora district.
Its factory in Blora, Centra Java is being built with an investment of Rp1.
As an example, let me describe the audience reaction at a performance he gave at a village near Blora in East lava.
The eldest of nine children of a school teacher in Blora, a town on the northern coast of Central Java, Pramoedya fled for Jakarta when Japanese troops marched into the town in World War II.
For that purpose the shareholders of IGN have established two processing companies PT Gendhis Multi Masnis (GMM) to operate the sugar factory in Blora and PT Permata Hijau Resources (PHR) to run he unit in Sambas.
Kompas reported that a branch of the People's Sovereignty Party (PDR) in the central Java province of Blora distributed campaign leaflets in cemetery complexes because they are visited by about 100 people every day.
There are four more units of KRDI train in operation including KRDI Banyubiru, KRDI Kaligung Baru, KRDI Blora Jaya, and KRDI Madiun Jaya.
7% in the Blora PSC - with Pertamina's being one of the partners in all of them.
TPN also planned to build corn plantations in Blora and Purwodadi, Central Java.
In Central Java Pertamina found gas reserve in Randublatung in Blora with well named Randublatung (RBT)-1.
The oil/gas sector required welded pipe in high quantities in 2000 due to an increase in its explorations and production activities as well as in its distribution activities in connection with the implementation of Pertamina's projects in Indramayu (West Java), in Blora (East Java), in off-shore areas in East Kalimantan, and in other regions.