BLOSBeyond Line-Of-Sight (over 600 Miles)
BLOSBlood Oxidative Stress
BLOSBicycle Level of Service (roadway bike friendliness measure)
BLOSBranch If Lower or Same
BLOSBell Laboratories Operating System (AT&T)
BLOSBoss Looking over Shoulder
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'Can you blo' a harn?' asked the guard, disengaging one of the coach-lamps.
'Then just blo' away into that 'un as lies on the grund, fit to wakken the deead, will'ee,' said the man, 'while I stop sum o' this here squealing inside.
According to Pesco website, the project aims at developing an EU new generation medium range BLOS Land Battlefield missile systems family.
Vyrith said he also reviewed the BLOs' lack of technical equipment and their weaknesses.
Blo Blow Dry Bar, the largest blow dry bar franchise in the country, will open three New Jersey locations in the next three months.
Through this 2-day meeting, the three sides have agreed, inter-alia, to strengthen BLOs; plan and conduct more simultaneous patrolling operations; and intelligence-led interdiction operations.
To overcome the issue of transmission and signal loss on rotary platforms, Hughes designed the HM200 Modem to employ a specialized waveform enhancement for secure BLoS connectivity and high-speed data transfers with zero packet loss, even when transmitting through rotating blades.
"The military and law enforcement personnel employing helicopters for BLoS communication have been limited in the past, but not anymore.
This allows the service to support secure BLOS Push-to-Talk voice and data networks for both encrypted and non-encrypted terminals, whether man-portable or installed in vehicles, helicopters, ships or other mobile platforms.
BLOs and Assistant Electoral Returning officers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida and Dadri are involved in selling fake votes.
Both sides also expressed satisfaction over opening of a third Border Liaison Office (BLO) between Changlang, India and Pangsau, Myanmar.