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BLOSSBeta-Blocker Length of Stay Study (clinical trial)
BLOSSBeyond Line-of-Sight System (radio system)
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Relationships and research go together to create a good buyer, according to Bloss.
Bloss (1981) pointed out that "service standards would be more credible, particularly among |non-library' authorities, if standards were to be based upon solid research" (p.
Reporter Stephen Hallmark tackling the course and (left, from left) Bloss and Roy Peace and Bern Knights.
Rick Graham, who worked in Iraq with Michael Bloss, the Bridgend security guard who was shot dead by insurgents last year, said people were being attracted by the promise of huge tax-free payments.
In April, Michael Bloss, 38, of Bridgend, was shot dead while working as a security guard for an American company.
Mr Bloss had been a member of the Parachute Regiment.
Former soldier Michael Bloss, 38, wrote in an email that he feared being overrun and might have to fight his way to safety.
Michael Bloss, aged 38, who had served in the Parachute Regiment, was working for an American company.
Bloss as an independent member of its Board of Directors.
Bloss to serve on Astellas US Management Committee -
Congratulations to TEL for winning Intel's 2013 Preferred Quality Supplier Award," said David Bloss, Director of Intel's Fab Capital Equipment Development group.