BLPSBallistic/Laser Protective Spectacles (military protective eyeware)
BLPSBoon Lay Primary School (Singapore)
BLPSBase Level Personnel System
BLPSBlackburn Lake Primary School (Australia)
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Prior to the APEL, service members and units could order and use BLPS and SPECS, which met the same ballistic protection standards of current APEL products.
Even though plenty of applications comply with the bilevel programming (BLP) and bilevel optimal control (BOC) frameworks, not many real-life implementations appear in the literature.
Protective Primarily for BLPS to be worn Spectacles Soldiers who wear only with 2-WL or (BLPS) prescription 3-WL lens.
Las condiciones de experiencia subjetiva son las condiciones consecuentes finales, y contienen justamente el BLPS y la SML de los trabajadores (ver figura 1).
If an operation or training mission requires eye protection from lasers, Soldiers must still wear the SWDG BLPS, or SPECS with laser lens.
If a mission requires laser eye protection, you must wear the SWDC, BLPS, or SPECS (with laser lenses).
Until recently, the choices were limited to the old sun, wind, and dust goggles (SWDG); the ballistic laser protective spectacles (BLPS); and the special protective eyewear, cylindrical system (SPECS).
Responses to the Federal Reserve's quarterly Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices (BLPS) suggest that both stronger demand and easier standards and terms contributed to the growth in business loans.
Like SPECS and BLPS, they also meet the American National Standards Institute requirements for occupational eye and face protection.
Think of the Splat pieces, which can go in the corner high up in the room; or Exclamation Point (Chartreuse), 2008, which can hang anywhere and take over any space it enters; or the blps, which literally spread his work around the city.
In addition to the old standards-the sun, wind and dust goggles (SWDU), the ballistic/laser protective spectacles (BLPS) and the special protective eyewear cylindrical system (SPECS)-the Army has tested and approved several new commercial versions.