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BLRBusiness & Legal Reports
BLRBureau of Labor Relations (Philippines)
BLRBoucle Locale Radio (French: Wireless Local Loop)
BLRBureau of Land Records (Pennsylvania)
BLRBinary Logistic Regression
BLRBroad-Line Region
BLRBottom Line Records (San Diego, CA)
BLRBase Lending Rate
BLRBourg-la-Reine (French: Town of the Queen; French village)
BLRBinary Language Representation
BLRBig Lazy Robot (visual effects studio; Spain)
BLRBoard Level Reliability (packaging)
BLRBintan Lagoon Resort (Indonesia)
BLRBangalore, India - Hindustan (Airport Code)
BLRBeyond Local Repair
BLRBrowning Lever Rifle (Lever Action Browning Rifles)
BLRBank Loan Rating
BLRBureau of Legislative Research (Arkansas Legislative Council; Little Rock, AR)
BLRBulharská Lidová Republika (Czech: People's Republic of Bulgaria)
BLRBusiness and Legal Resources (Old Saybrook, CT; compliance consultancy)
BLRBlack Labrador Retriever
BLRBoundary Location Register
BLRBalanced Likelihood Ratio
BLRBattery Level Radar (vehicle-mounted radar)
BLRBlock Level Retransmission
BLRBlock Length Register
BLRBlue-Light Radiation
BLRBaseline Requirements Document
BLRBelow Layer Range
BLRBoîte Aux Lettres Rurale (Canada Post)
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As its name implies, the BLR Black Label Takedown is based on the BLR Takedown action and is offered in the two most popular MSRcartridges: the .
Users can go to a BLR training site, complete with their own company's logo, and take any required training or quizzes.
During its evolution, the BLR evolved a pistol-grip buttstock and schnable fore-end as an alternative to the original straight-grip butt with barrel-band forestock.
BLR currently publishes about 250 different titles (with a staff of 170, excluding telemarketers), including the following newsletters:
Press relations for BLR was previously handled by Manchester's Leedex GTPR.
Curley, who came to GDT from the former BLR Data, notes that Dynamap/Display is similar to BLR's StreetNetwork.
Which brings us to the true subject of this article--tile "modern" takedown Browning BLR, this one in .
We'd jumped two nice boars out of a gully, and as they ran up the opposite side--about 75 yards out--Bob dumped the top one with a BLR in .
Judging from the variety of models in the catalog, the number I see on dealer shelves and feedback from dealers, the BLR is doing very well.
The BLR isn't exactly all that new, having been around for a few years.