BLRBBlack Liquor Recovery Boiler (paper-manufacturing industry)
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The Nutrition Twins, who are represented by Blue Ribbon, will be involved in the joint BLRB and GSN product development initiatives.
GSN has expressed a keen interest in the manufacture and distribution of some BLRB patented olive oil based nutriceutical products imported from Greece, particularly an facial and body enzyme treatment.
The BLRB Board's decision was based primarily on Marx Toys product lines not being compatible nor a good fit within Blue Ribbon's restructured and streamlined portfolio of business initiatives and several financial and legal issues that would have a dilatory impact on BLRB's capital base, earnings, cashflow, net worth and market price.
O'Gorman, Blue Ribbon's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has announced the completion of a reorganization of BLRB into a highly efficient and rationalized Company with a streamlined core management team with improved management direction, oversight, discipline and controls, and a dramatically restructured and streamlined portfolio of business initiatives that focuses and concentrates the Company's resources only on large growth, high value, revenue producing projects and activities.