BLRTBalti Laevaremonditehas (Estonia)
BLRTBusiness Librarians Round Table
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The LMRT and BLRT were both statistically significant, which indicated the 4-class model fit significantly better than the 3-class model.
As discussed previously, the BLRT is unavailable when using complex survey design data, so we re-ran the model without taking into account the complex survey design of the study.
The coefficients for AIC, BIC, SABIC, and BLRT did not point toward an optimal solution of less than eight groups.
Based on BIC, BLRT, and the mixing proportions, a four-group model was the best fit.
LCA of the non-monosexual participants including these four variables (current and past five years partner gender, LGBT community connectedness, LGBIS Identity Centrality subscale) yielded a series of solutions with 1-3 identified classes; fit statistics converged on the two-class solution (BIC = 328.3 for two class; 360.1 for one class; 344.9 for three class; BLRT < 0.0001).
52 58[degrees]27'18.99" 20 Sillamae Bay 59[degrees]24'39.09" 21 BLRT flow into Tallinn Bay 59[degrees]28'0.92" 22 BLRT flow into Tallinn Bay 59[degrees]27'52.35" 23 BLRT flow into Tallinn Bay 59[degrees]27'30.94" 24 BLRT flow into Tallinn Bay 59[degrees]27'29.37" Lakes (b) 25 Peipsi station No.
The optimal number of classes is determined by estimating models with an increasing number of classes, K, and then comparing those models using information criteria, classification criteria, the interpretability of each class, and the LMR and BLRT tests, requesting TECH11 and TECH14 respectively in the OUTPUT command of the Mplus syntax.
Considering the fit statistics (AIC and BIC) and the results from the LMR and BLRT tests, we chose the six-class model to present career intervention for high school students; the classified career intervention classes based on the results of the latent class analysis are presented in Figure 1.
Mplus 5.1, the newest version, includes the option of running the BLRT (Muthen & Muthen, 2007).
Finnish ship power supplier and decentralised power generation systems provider Wartsila Corporation said on Thursday (14 September) that its joint venture Wartsila BLRT Services Klaipeda is officially starting its operations.
Ost = a1 + [a2.sup.*] BLRt + [a3.sup.*] Yrt + [a4.sup.*] FIREURt + [a5.sup.*] GDPt - 1 + [epsilon]t (5)
Table 3 presents the values of BIC and the BLRT, which were the most efficient indices for model selection (Nylund et al., 2007).