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BLSBureau of Labor Statistics
BLSBasic Life Support
BLSBlack Label Society (band)
blsBelow Land Surface
BLSBritish Lymphology Society
BLSBellsouth Corp. (stock symbol)
BLSBoston Latin School
BLSBrooklyn Law School
BLSBern-Lötschberg-Simplon (Swiss Railway)
BLSBachelor of Liberal Studies
BLSBare Lymphocyte Syndrome
BLSBritish Lichen Society
BLSBachelor of Library Science
BLSBlack Luster Soldier (Yu-Gi-Oh! Card)
BLSBloom Syndrome
BLSBacterial Leaf Streak
BLSBusiness Listing Service
BLSBilateral Stimulation (psychologically therapeutic eye movement)
BLSbeach landing site (US DoD)
BLSBotswana Lesotho & Swaziland
BLSBachelor of Legal Studies
BLSBroadband Licensing System (FCC)
BLSBottom Left Side
BLSBasic Living Stipend (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
BLSBritish Longevity Society
BLSBand-Limited Signal
BLSBasic Limousine Service (EMS slang)
BLSBanner Linen Service (Bay City, Michigan)
BLSBank of Lee's Summit
BLSBlaine Station (Blaine, Washington, border patrol station)
BLSBornes Libres Service (French: Self Service Kiosks)
BLSBlock Line Set
BLSBachelor of Leisure Studies
BLSBoard of Legal Specialization (various locations)
BLSBusiness Law Section (various organizations)
BLSBroadband Light Source
BLSBlackboard Learning System (various schools)
BLSBiggins Lacey Sahiro & Company
BLSBusiness Livery Services
BLSBusiness Legal Studies (various schools)
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Next, BLS projects how jobs in industries are expected to be distributed across detailed occupations, using 2016 employment data from the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey and information from other sources for sectors not covered by the survey.
The assumption of a full-employment economy in the target projection year can have important implications for the BLS projected growth rates and requires one to take into account current cyclical economic conditions when utilizing growth rates.
html) previous proposal to cut a BLS unit that helped track the job-loss effects of trade deals.
The BLS now publishes new data on employment in the nonprofit sector, which has been a missing part of the labor market puzzle.
In addition to the BLS data discussed above, BLS, in consultation with ACA, has launched a new product that coatings manufacturers might determine is a useful yardstick in measuring the prices for inputs into production.
For more information on the NRBC initiative and for more details on the methodology BLS uses to develop output price indexes for nonresidential structures, please see www.
multinational companies with BLS establishment-level data for all U.
Country: Switzerland, Sector: TourismTarget: Emmental Tours AGBuyer: Biketec AG, Verein Region Emmental Vendor: BLS AGType: DivestmentStatus: Closed
The services rendered by BLS International for the renewal of passports and other services is not up to the standards," Hariette D'Cunha, a resident who went to the BLS centre in Abu Dhabi two days ago for passport renewal, said.
Students may complete the nursing program with the false notion that they are still competent in BLS.
3m) from BLS to transition the programme back to ACADIA and cover costs associated with ongoing clinical trials.