BLScBachelor of Library Science
BLSCBlack Lion Swimming Club (UK)
BLSCBoulders, Silt and Clay (lithological term)
BLSCBond Lake Skating Club (Oak Ridges, Ontario, Canada)
BLSCBiological and Life Sciences Learning Community
BLSCBlyth Lifeguard & Swimming Club (UK)
BLSCBrighton Life Saving Club (Australia)
BLSCBurns Lake Soccer Club (Burns Lake, BC, Canada)
BLSCBlastomere-Like Stem Cell (biology)
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Some contracts have been signed, and BLSC is now also managing meat sales counters of a local supermarket, and planning to expand in this area with new contracts.
A third member of BLSC, Andrew Kane, 24, was on the GB team which recently finished sixth in the European Senior Lifesaving Championships in Alicante, Spain.
David Vanselow, last year's BLSC Regatta chairman and a NEBCO boat pilot, said 85 to 90 skippers and crew members competed on 22 boats over the four-mile triangular course.
Initially, the BLSC will tackle fundamental challenges through a network of external collaborative partnerships with the focus on promising new technologies to cure diseases and to take responsibility for the growing world population.
BLSC members said they usually traveled to Stockton, Mo.
House said BLSC members often needed crew and didn't mind letting enthusiastic newbies come on board to learn.
Bio-logic formerly traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the ticker BLSC.
The BLSC has the mission to uncover, encourage and unlock fundamental scientific and medical breakthroughs more rapidly by enabling innovative partnerships with entrepreneurial best-in-class biotechnology companies.
The BLSC is a new R&D unit of Bayer that focuses entirely on the development of ultimate breakthroughs across species by creating a novel platform that allows technology combination and know-how amplification.
BLSC has been established to associate with smaller biotechs, with the goal of generating fundamental scientific and medical breakthroughs quickly.