BLSRBidirectional Line Switched Ring
BLSRBi-directional Line Switched Ring (SONET)
BLSRBaseline Security Requirements
BLSRBatch Local Shared Resources (IBM mainframes)
BLSRBetween Lives Soul Regression (therapy)
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* The number of patients who will benefit when 100 patients are treated = (100 - BLSR) x (1 - HR).
* Therefore, for a BLSR survival rate of 90%, the number who will benefit = 10 x 0.31 = 3.
Toxicity risk occurs in all treated patients, which means that the higher the BLSR, the higher is the proportion of patients who are free of disease who are exposed to potential toxicity.
This is predicated on a transition away from physical BLSR rings to multilevel hierarchies and meshed lightpath connectivity.