BLSRBi-directional Line Switched Ring (SONET)
BLSRBaseline Security Requirements
BLSRBatch Local Shared Resources (IBM mainframes)
BLSRBetween Lives Soul Regression (therapy)
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A number of service providers are preparing to close large SONET BLSR rings to take advantage of Nortel's total network capacity benefits.
Given all the technologies available today, the D-WDM OC-192 4-fiber BLSR architecture delivers the lowest cost-per-bit-mile, the best system performance, ultimate reliability, and network integrity -- all the reasons why the market has clearly endorsed Nortel's OC-192 technology.
NEC's self-healing, four fiber BLSR technology, named the ITS-2400V, provides Frontier with access to more redundant fiber spans and equipment protection than available with either two fiber ring systems or linear back-to-back systems.
Four fiber BLSR technology represents state-of-the-art network protection and survivability available for networks today.
Sprint has differentiated itself from other carriers by deploying SONET in a four-fiber BLSR topology," said Kaplan.
Explain the benefits of APS -- Present architectures for: -- Linear - 1+1, 1:n, SNCP -- Ring - BLSR, UPSR -- LCAS -- Discuss how Design Engineers can implement APS using PMC-Sierra's Message Assisted Protection Switching (MAPS) architecture.
Using VLXpert, it took us a mere sixteen minutes to remotely and successfully upgrade a three-node OC-192 BLSR ring," said Andrew Knott, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Support.
At the same time, a carrier-grade design that supports the full SONET feature set including UPSR, BLSR and 1+1 APS enables the Traverse platform to deliver packet services with a level of quality and reliability that simply cannot be matched by pure "Metro Ethernet" systems.
This is predicated on a transition away from physical BLSR rings to multilevel hierarchies and meshed lightpath connectivity.
5) matrices together with integrated Ethernet Layer 2 aggregation plus support for multiple subtended UPSR and BLSR rings.
The two companies also successfully tested the interoperability between Siemens' TransXpress Infinity long-haul transport system and Hitachi's AMN 5192 OC-192 SONET four-fiber BLSR system.