BLSTBrigade Logistics Support Team
BLSTBouchery-Ozanne, Lepoutre, Singer, Turon (French law firm)
BLSTBachelor of Land Studies
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Just as the BLST assumed many of the SPO's traditional functions, so did the brigade S-4.
The SPO's mission is still critical to the success of the maneuver community, but the position is now less important than the brigade S-4 because of the duties and responsibilities that have been pushed up to the BLST chief and down to the FSCs.
By March 2006, the verdict from LARs, BLSTs, LCMC senior command representatives (SCRs), and logistics support element commanders in the field was, "Implement SIGTRAKS immediately.
Using the BLST as the key integrator, the SBCT was able to collaborate and synchronize with the Materiel Enterprise to include capabilities of LARs from various life cycle management commands (LC-MCs), the directorate of logistics' supply and services division, and DLA Disposition Services.