BLSTBlack Studies (education)
BLSTBrigade Logistics Support Team
BLSTBachelor of Land Studies
BLSTBouchery-Ozanne, Lepoutre, Singer, Turon (French law firm)
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Where can the BLST chief go to find the resources he needs to best support his unit?
How can the BLST chief ensure his supported unit is successful at combat training centers (CTCs) and while deployed?
A BLST chief is usually a major or chief warrant officer 4 or 5 who acts as AMC's advisor to the brigade combat team (BCT) or combat aviation brigade (CAB) commander.
An LST has some of the same capabilities as a BLST.
With thousands of Army civilians, contractors, and Soldiers, ASC supports and performs field-level maintenance through LRCs, LSTs, BLSTs, Army field support battalions and brigades, and the Distribution Management Center (DMC).
Using Army field support brigades and battalions, LRCs, LSTs, and BLSTs is a sure way to increase readiness in your organization.
The BLST concept began in 2005 when AMC shifted from the logistics support element's division-centric approach to a modular support concept centered on the Stryker brigade combat teams (SBCTs).
The BLST is responsible for managing all AMC activities and logistics assistance in the combat, field, and garrison environments.
The AFSBn provides mission command of the BLST and the logistics assistance representatives (LARs) who are on loan from the LCMCs.
Just as the BLST assumed many of the SPO's traditional functions, so did the brigade S-4.
The SPO's mission is still critical to the success of the maneuver community, but the position is now less important than the brigade S-4 because of the duties and responsibilities that have been pushed up to the BLST chief and down to the FSCs.