BLTCBetter Living Through Chemistry (band)
BLTCBromley Lawn Tennis Club (UK)
BLTCBritish Language Training Centre (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
BLTCBeautiful Light Technology Corp. (Taiwan; est. 2005)
BLTCBacon Lettuce Tomato Cheese
BLTCBracknell Lawn Tennis Club (UK)
BLTCBoard Level Temperature Cycling
BLTCBinary Loss Tree Clique
BLTCBrokered Login Transaction Client
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As seen in Table 5, ATC provides a better fit to the data compared to the LTC and BLTC methods ([R.sup.2] > 0.98).
Three methods of linear, bilinear, and Arrhenius temperature correction (LTC, BLTC, and ATC) were evaluated.
ID S_fume_5 S_fume_10 S_fume_15 [alpha] [%/[degrees]C] 4.77 4.93 5.63 [R.sup.2] 0.87 0.87 0.83 Table 4: Calibrated values [[sigma].sub.1] and [[sigma].sub.2] BLTC (equation 3) for all tested mixtures and [R.sup.2] values.
The Hartberg BLTC was opened last fall by the Maschinernring Hartbergerland (Hartberg-area Machine Ring), a cooperative of farmers originally organized to share farm machinery, such as tractors, and to trade labor.
The BLTC in Hartberg provides a staging and sales outlet for firewood, enabling local customers to have the peace of mind of knowing that they will have a readily available supply of suitable quality wood for their heating needs.
While at the Hartberg BLTC, Christian Metschina gave us a short presentation on the development of the facility and described how it fits within the overall cooperative.
At the time of our visit, the Hartberg facility was the newest BLTC, although another one was launched this past August.
Experience and hard work paid off for BLTC River Dogs, Riley Mirtle and Jordan Smith who out-fished the field and came in first with 10 fish weighing 12,75kg, closely followed by The Little Grand, Steve Mitchell and Chante Querl with six fish weighing 11,76kg.
BLTC Bad Boys--Jordan Smith & Riley Mirtle 7.880kg
The final weigh-in saw ladies team BLTC Blonde Barbeloobas, Karen and Kyra Mirtle move up from seventh into third position knocking BLTC Bad Boys into fifth.