BLTNBetter Late Than Never
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Called BLTN (pronounced Bulletin), an acronym for 'Better Late Than Never', the international episode is loaded with international content making headlines worldwide, making it the World's First GLOBALocal Late Night Show!
Articles are: "A Call to Action: Standards in Alaska" (Scott Christian); "BLTN: Strengthening Best Practices in South Carolina" (Diane Crenshaw); "Raising the Bar with High Stakes Tests" (Hugh Dyment); "Excellence for All and from All: A Look at Standards in One Inclusion Classroom" (Lorrie Jackson); "Karina: A Personal Perspective on High Stakes Standards and Growth" (Tom McKenna); "Of Bombs, Blackness, and Beautiful Music" (poetry exchange between students in Massachusetts and Kenya) (Will Marinell, Lou Bernieri); "What Is Good Writing?
Fresh International BLTN episodes will be uploaded on the third Thursday of each month.
Set to grab eyeballs with its very first international episode, BLTN will commence with a subject which has become a household discussion and is spoken at national/international confluences likewise - World's End!