BLUEFORBlue Force (representing US Forces)
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BLUEFOR dismounted patrolling operations from the FOB included mounted quick-reaction force missions to reinforce dismounted security patrols, react to local demonstrations, or conduct downed aircraft rescue missions in the open desert military training areas east of the airfields.
The operators were also able to depict each action of the OPFOR and BLUEFOR in detail to include: location and amount of artillery fired, catastrophic, mobility kills location and how vehicles were destroyed (i.e.
The O/Cs must endure rotation after rotation in the field, maintaining 24-hour coverage on BLUEFOR. They must adhere to uniform and equipment standards as they are continually in view of and scrutinized by BLUEFOR.
BLUEFOR units are challenged to follow correct procedures before they can return to combat effectiveness.
He knows he cannot defeat the BLUEFOR in a direct-fire battle without his battlefield shapers.
3rd Infantry Division (Mechanized) received a less sophisticated version called the BLUEFOR tracking system.
So we gathered a miniscule amount of training mines and wire from our own stocks and set off to emplace some point obstacles along potential Blue Force (BLUEFOR) avenues of approach.