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BLUFBreeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub
BLUFBlue Light Using FAD (Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide)
BLUFBottom Line Up Front
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The terrorist group spokesman said the BLUF had issued a list of missing persons, but added that the UN has not taken serious steps to ensure their recovery.
BLUF expressed it full confidence in Baloch Leaders Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri and Nawabzada Harbiyar Marri, and said the UN should take them into confidence for the safe release of John Solecki.
She appealed to BLUF to withdraw the deadline set for killing John Solecki so that the matter could be resolved peacefully.
A Balochistan Government statement said that a list of 1,109 alleged missing persons provided by the BLUF is being scrutinized.
BLUF has demanded the release of 141 women detained in various Pakistani jails, information on 6,000 missing persons and a resolution on Baloch independence aspirations.
While we believe that taking a humanitarian worker hostage is inconsistent with Baloch traditions, we note the attention that BLUF has succeeded in drawing to the plight of the Baloch people and regret the desperate conditions that have led people to commit this act.
In a satellite telephonic contact, the BLUF Spokesman, Shehak Baloch told that they had conveyed their demands to the government, which include the recovery of 1109 missing persons and release of 141 women.
The BLUF had earlier demanded UN intervention to secure the release of 141 women it said were held in Pakistani torture cells, provide information about more than 6,000 missing persons, and resolve the issue of Baloch independence under the Geneva Convention.
The News quoted the BLUF spokesman, as saying that the rumors were false alarm as Solecki was 'still alive and absolutely fine'.
We are giving more days for the government to accept our demands," The Dawn quoted a spokesman of the BLUF, Shahiq Baloch, as saying.