BLUFORBlue Forces
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The scenarios are brigade level exercises, designed to test BLUFOR commanders' ability to fuse frontline intelligence with the appropriate action.
* The OPFOR are outranged by the BLUFOR weapon systems.
For any of the regimental elements to accomplish their assigned tasks, they have to close with the enemy without taking heavy causalities from the BLUFOR's direct-fire systems.
This summer's HIC will be "just as much of a training exercise for us as the BLUFOR," Cunningham said.
These terrorists in civilian clothes and long hair blend with the population to provide intelligence on BLUFOR activities.
Traveling across the "box" during the day, the LUGs are able to identify BLUFOR high-payoff targets early in the rotation.
The audience is introduced to the two teams, BluFor, the "good guys" and OpFor, the "bad guys." Actors are hired to play the hostages.
A former senior brigade fire support observer/ controller at JRTC stated that the failure to adjust indirect fires onto a fast-moving enemy when contact is made contributes to the 7:1 loss ratio between the blue force (BLUFOR) and the opposing force (OPFOR) at JRTC.
S2s normally do not consider this and fail to consider the threat's perception of the Blue Forces (BLUFOR) when they are trying to determine their COAs.