BLUGBergen Linux User Group (Norway)
BLUGBellingham Linux Users Group (Washington)
BLUGBangalore Linux User Group (India)
BLUGBarlowed Laser collimation plug
BLUGBocholter Linux User Group (Bocholt, Germany)
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Go away--and send General Blug here," screamed the Nome King.
Yet General Blug was a trifle uneasy when he arrived and saw how angry the Nome King was.
The King looked around for something to throw at General Blug, but as nothing was handy he began to consider that perhaps the man was right and he had been talking foolishly.
"Now that gives me an idea," said General Blug, thoughtfully.
The King was by this time so exasperated that he picked up his scepter, which had a heavy ball, made from a sapphire, at the end of it, and threw it with all his force at General Blug. The sapphire hit the General upon his forehead and knocked him flat upon the ground, where he lay motionless.