BLUPBest Linear Unbiased Prediction (breeding)
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The advantages of GS are simplicity and resistance to pre-selection bias [7,8] and more reliable prediction than traditional BLUP [1,9,10].
(2013), the association between individual genotypic values obtained by REML/ BLUP and selection index was efficient at selecting individuals above the original population mean.
Spearman correlations were calculated using MBP family breeding values (BLUP) for performance traits (yield, survival, and average individual weight at harvest) between environments.
The PNG government then decided to evacuate Blup Blup as well because of issues with supplying people on the island along with the danger from the eruption.
As a result, we performed joint analyses by traditional ANOVA and mixed model restricted maximum likelihood (REML)/best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP), in which planting material, harvest cycle, and blocks nested within planting material were fixed effects, and genotype, as well as genotypic interactions with planting material and harvest cycle, were random effects.