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BLUPBest Linear Unbiased Prediction (breeding)
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Genetic evaluation of goats on productive traits by BLUP procedures.
BLUP is a function of phenotypic values that have the common objective of predicting true genetic values, and it has been used as a selection tool in various crops (Baldissera et al.
BLUP and GBLUP model were used to predict genomic values (GBV) for validation animals using imputed genotypes.
The further program evolution will permit the use of both programs (MAS and traditional) using Single Step Genomic BLUP evaluation method.
Location-specific overall cumulative exposure-response curves, represented in the original temperature range for each location, are based on BLUPs.
Estimation of the model's parameters was done by the method of restricted maximum likelihood (REML) and evaluation of the model was done by taking into account two estimators: BLUE (best linear unbiased estimator) and BLUP (best linear unbiased predictor).
In the present study the genetic potential was predicted by BLUP, revealing different groups of genotypes whose effects were positive and negative for the characters grain yield and plant cycle (Figure 1).
Genetic Evaluation in the Honey Bee Considering Queen and Worker Effects, A BLUP Animal Model Approach.
In the past such so called environmental differences confused the accurate assessment of breeding merit, but BLUP analysis, which was introduced to the British beef breeding industry in 1992, has been a major step forward.
In addition, ssBLUP was more accurate than BLUP for genetic estimation [2,8].