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BLVFort Belvoir (Virginia)
BLVBovine Leukemia Virus
BLVScott AFB/Midamerica Airport (Belleville, IL, USA; airport code)
BLVBleed Valve
BLVBusy-Line Verification (telecommunications)
BLVBusy Line Verify
BLVBusy Line Verification
BLVBlind/Low Vision
BLVBoot Logical Volume
BLVBovine Leucosis Virus
BLVBourg les Valence (French town)
BLVBreuil le Vert (French village)
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(8) Bare land value (BLV) is widely accepted by timberland appraisers and is exactly what it sounds like, "the value of bare land in permanent timber production that is in need of immediate regeneration, or simply the value of the 'dirt'." (9) It is important to realize that a BLV resulting from an income approach is completely different from an ALV extracted from a comparable sale.
While some previous studies do not show significant negative effects of BLV infection on production and longevity or survival [13, 24, 25], the majority of recent studies have reported a negative association between BLV infection and both milk production and cow longevity [21, 22, 26-32].
Founded in 1995 and listed on AIM in 2012 (BLV.L), Belvoir operates a nationwide property franchise group with over 300 offices across four brands offering a range of specialist services in property rental, property management, residential lettings, buy to let and property sales.
Due to financial restrictions, it is unlikely that schools will have the resources to hire additional special education teachers with specialized training for BLV students.
Bovine Leukaemia Virus (BLV) (Retroviridae: Orthoretrovirinae: Deltaretro virus) the causative agent of Enzootic Bovine Leucosis (EBL) is responsible for neoplastic disease and persistent lymphocytosis of cattle (Willems and Kettmann, 2002).
In these studies no antibodies against BLV were detected, prompting Burridge to conclude in his review article, "There is no epidemiological or serological evidence from human studies to indicate that BLV can infect man" (5).
A Leucose Enzootica Bovina (LEB) e uma doenca infecto-contagiosa de carater cronico causada pelo Bovine Leukenia Virus (BLV), um retrovirus, da familia Retroviridae, subfamilia Orthoretrovirinae, genero Deltaretrovirus (ICTV, 2009).
However, I felt strongly that the image of BLV fit well with the Alaska hunter demographic.
All Sensors announced a line of basic low voltage pressure sensors--the Basic Low Voltage (BLV) Series and the Basic Low Voltage Reference (BLVR) Series.
"Aristoflex BLV and Aristoflex AVS give formulators more control over their product development for these challenging applications, making velvet or silky skin touch available where it was not previously possible," Clariant said.