BLVRBiologic Lung Volume Reduction (emphysema treatment)
BLVRBovine Leukemia Virus Receptor
BLVRBlock Last Version Reference
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We believe that BLVR has the potential to offer patients suffering from emphysema a treatment option that can alleviate their symptoms of shortness of breath and improve quality of life.
A unique element of the BLVR System is its use of the body's natural scar formation response to permanently collapse diseased areas of the lungs.
In recent years, lung volume reduction surgery, which is based on the same reasoning as BLVR but involves surgical removal of the diseased areas of the lung, has become an accepted therapy for advanced emphysema.
The Phase 2 clinical trial data show that BLVR is well tolerated and is associated with significant improvements in breathing function, symptoms and quality of life," commented Dr.
Phase 2 studies enrolling 44 patients with upper lobe predominant emphysema to define the optimal dosing regimen for BLVR treatment.
BLVR was well tolerated and the median hospital length of stay was two days.
Aeris' BLVR development program has been granted Fast Track designation by the U.
The BLVR Phase 2 clinical trials will enroll a total of 40 patients who will be followed for a period of two years post-treatment.
In an effort to accelerate the clinical trial process for the Aeris BLVR System while substantially reducing costs, Aeris Therapeutics has selected SAS(R) Enterprise BI Server to serve as a platform for improving operational efficiency and decision making, establishing consistency in data quality, and delivering more timely information in the approval process and beyond.
It confirms our belief that BLVR has the potential to make a meaningful clinical difference for severely ill patients who currently have very limited treatment options.