BLWBelow (aviation)
BLWBundesamt für Landwirtschaft (German: Federal Office for Agriculture; Switzerland)
BLWBaldwin Locomotive Works
BLWBranford Lock Works (early American hardware company)
BLWBeliever's LoveWorld (Fellowship)
BLWBaby-Led Weaning (infant feeding)
BLWBelawan (Port of Medan, Indonesia)
BLWBellows Field (airport code; US Marine Corps; Waimanalo, HI)
BLWBusiness Link West (self-help portal; UK)
BLWBindingListView (software)
BLWBeleihungswert (German: Mortgage Value)
BLWBlaine Washington (border patrol sector)
BLWBlack Leather Wings
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Separately, Sunjay Kapur led Sona Group owned 67% of Sona BLW Precision Forging Ltd, while the remaining 33% stake was held by JM Financial.
The BLW is a noteworthy sort of noise influencing an ECG, indeed its frequency range is as a rule underneath 0.8Hz and thus, overlaps with the ECG spectrum.
Health Canada's complementary feeding recommendations for health care professionals (HCPs) were updated in April 2014 and incorporate some of the fundamental aspects of BLW, primarily the introduction of finger foods as first foods [1].
Tests of primary method modes indicated that optimisation of the boiler modes induces a decrease in the flame temperature from ~1,450[degrees]C (0-mode) down to ~1,150[degrees]C (BLW mode), causing the reduction of S[O.sub.2] specific emission by up to 60%.
Os 'di'r gegin yn mynd yn rhy boeth ewch allan i'r ardd, nefi blw, dwi rioed di clywed y fath beth!!!!
Lan Thao Lam, Sharon Hayes, and media artist collective BLW. For these artists, archival texts such as interviews, propaganda films, and phone calls are scripts to be performed as much as they are historical documents.
The BLW (sounds like a sandwich you'd buy at Greggs) lacks spark, punch and imagination (unlike a sandwich you'd buy at Greggs).
The volume also contains several introductory chapters, which outline the concepts of BAT, BLW, and EKA and compare their values with those of the American Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs).
Willigendael EM, Bendermacher BLW, van der Berg C, Welten RJTJ, Prins MH, Bie de RA, Teijink JAW.
Yn 15 oed, roedd fy nhast cerddorol yn gwyro tuag at roc trwm a blw s (Led Zeppelin a Rory Gallagher oedd y ffefrynnau mawr.) Ond yn raddol bach, wrth ddod yn fwy ymwybodol o'm Cymreictod, dechreuais gymryd mwy o sylw o gerddoriaeth Gymraeg.