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BLITBit Level Transfer
BLITBerryman Logical Image Technique (science fiction)
BLITBachelor of Literature
BLITBand Limited Impulse Train (audio)
BLITBlock Image Transfer
BLITBacon, Lettuce, and Interactive Tomato
BLITBachelor of Letters
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He pronounced them a hoax, merely members of two nearby tribes, the Tboli and Blit Manobo, whom Elizalde had paid to act like Stone Age primitives.
ck recorders re_porter 16 Headquarters premises software and Bosch BVMS MBV - Blit 64-40.
No proprietary surround encoding is required; test tone locations are rendered with precise image integrity, including BLITS tones and SWOOP tests without artificial ambience that masks the program audio.
This new status of the PM may help tolerant plants to maintain the essential activity of membrane intrinsic proteins for exclusion of toxic ions from the cells (Kuiper, 1985; Blits & Gallagher, 1990).
Algunos autores, han realizado experimentos con la finalidad de conocer la resistencia de las especies vegetales a las elevadas concentraciones de sal, lo cual constituye una herramienta importante para futuros planes de restauracion ecologica (Tiku & Snaydon 1971, Woodel 1985, Blits & Gallagher 1991, Martinez et al.
Hyd yn oed heddiw does dim lot o rygbi yn cael ei ddangos ar Scrum V rhyngwladol - mae 80% o'r rhaglen yn drafodaeth ddofn am rinweddau amddiffyn blits a phroblemau'r rheng flaen.
Bloom, Jan Blits, and Robert Miola), Burns's other readings do not (the chapter on The Tempest has no secondary references at all).
The Iridium/Kosmos collision in 2009 and the BLITS conjunction of 2013 remind us that poor SSA is not an option.
Lerpwl oedd prif darged y Luftwaffe, ac ym Mai 1941 y dioddefodd y ddinas y Blits.