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BLITTBachelor of Literature
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(86.) Petrova, supra note 85, at 133-34; see also Blitt, supra note
But, for Mouly, the illustration was a turning point: "It held up a mirror to what the country as a whole was doing, making visible the very dangerous insinuations and innuendos, and providing a vaccination--to take a drop of poison but put it in a place where we could all look at it and deal with it." Says Blitt, "Finding the line and putting one foot over it ...
For decades, the Copaken, White, and Blitt families, in association with their long-time legal representative Fingersh, had engaged in a variety of real estate ventures and investment opportunities in conjunction with their Kansas City commercial real estate firm.
En av dem sa det slik: <<Kanskje hver enkelt kunne fortalt litt om seg selv til a begynne med slik at en slipper a komme inn pa det nar man skal si noe der dette er av betydning.>> Den andre kommenterte det pa denne maten: <<Kanskje vi kunne blitt utfordret litt mer allerede i forste samling.
A Welsh Church Scholar from Llangunnor in Carmarthen, he was educated at St David's College, Lampeter, obtaining a BA degree in 1955 in Welsh, and then at Jesus College, Oxford, where he obtained a Diploma in Theology and a BLitt in 1959.
2013) The New Yorker magazine turned to its award-winning cartoonist and illustrator, Barry Blitt. He titled it, "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi." (Thus passes the glory of the world.) "I wish I could say something in Latin to make the image sound smart," said Blitt, when asked what inspired him.
Further study took him to Harvard University (STB 1943), Princeton Theological Seminary (ThM 1949), and The Queen's College, Oxford University (BLitt 1954).
After his first degree he completed a BLitt at Oxford by editing an Icelandic saga and his knowledge of Danish came from many visits to Copenhagen where he studied Old Icelandic manuscripts at the Arnamagnaean Institute and from where he toured much of Scandinavia.
(343.) Carter stated that "human rights 'would be the soul of [his] foreign policy.'" Robert Charles Blitt, Who Will Watch the Watchdogs?
Morris Blitt, a hotel owner from Calgary who blogs under the name Kuki for the website, is an inveterate golfer as well as a frequent cruiser.
"Real radicalism", he would claim, "goes far deeper than to the political" ("Vi er blitt provins: Nasjonal-radikalisme er en karikatur" 1-2).
Blitt, The Bottom up Journey of "Defamation of Religion" from Muslim States to the United Nations: A Case Study of the Migration of Anti-Constitutional Ideas, in 56 STUDIES IN LAW, POLITICS, AND SOCIETY, SPECIAL ISSUE HUMAN RIGHTS: NEW POSSIBILITIES/NEW PROBLEMS, app.