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BMACBrattleboro Museum & Art Center
BMACBare Metal Auto Configuration
BMACBusiness Management and Administration Committee (UK)
BMACBiomedical Monitoring And Countermeasures
BMACBoeing Military Airplane Co.
BMACBeijing Municipal Administration Committee
BMACBakelit Multi Art Center (Budapest, Hungary)
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Instead of using conventional accounting measures (net income or return on investment) as proxies for financial soundness, a corporate financial soundness measure based on peer review by top executives and financial analysts in BMAC 2016 was utilised.
The awards are a key part of Management Today's BMAC survey, a peer-review study of corporate reputation as seen by a company's closest critics - its competitors and financial influencers.
The BMAC has also requested the people to observe the day peacefully and hold special prayers for early resolution of the dispute.
(32) A centrifuge is used to increase MSC numbers, this is referred to as bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC).
BMAC targets repair and regeneration through "undifferentiated" stem cells that can replicate themselves into various tissue types.
To address this issue, we analyzed the stem cell and growth factor contents of the BMAC produced using our protocol.
Abbreviations SLA: Sinus lift augmentation MSCs: stem cells ESCs: Embryonic stem cells BM-MSCs: Marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells BBM: Bovine bone mineral BMAC: Bone marrow aspirate concentrate GBP-L: Gabapentin-lactam ADSCs: Adipose tissue-derived stem cells BMSCs: Bone marrow stem cells AECs: Amniotic epithelial cells oAECs: Ovine amniotic stem cells MgHA: Magnesium-enriched hydroxyapatite oAFMCs: Ovine amniotic fluid mesenchymal cells AFMCs: Amniotic fluid mesenchymal cells.
BmaC, a novel autotransporter of Brucella suis, is involved in bacterial adhesion to host cells.
11 October 2016 - Seattle, Washington-based LED lighting solution provider Grakon LLC has acquired Manchester, England-based lighting designer BMAC Ltd, the company said.
He assumed "that the Proto-Indo-Aryans ruling the BMAC (i.e., "Bactria-Margiana Archaeological Complex," H.S.) at this time adopted from the Assyrians the concept of abstract divinities representing social powers."
According to the company, European clinical data demonstrates that patients treated with HYALOFAST plus autologous BMAC in a one-step, minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure were able to successfully regenerate hyaline-like cartilage.
Twenty-four patients in each group were given the bone marrow infusions (the BMAC groups), while the other six patients in each comprised the control group and received standard heart failure care.