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BMACBrattleboro Museum & Art Center
BMACBusiness Management and Administration Committee (UK)
BMACBiomedical Monitoring And Countermeasures
BMACBoeing Military Airplane Co.
BMACBeijing Municipal Administration Committee
BMACBakelit Multi Art Center (Budapest, Hungary)
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11 October 2016 - Seattle, Washington-based LED lighting solution provider Grakon LLC has acquired Manchester, England-based lighting designer BMAC Ltd, the company said.
The experiment and simulation results show at low duty cycles that CMAC achieves the throughput and latency performance and outperforms other energy efficient protocols like BMAC [34], SMAC [26] and GeRaF [18-20].
The BMAC, also known as the Oxus civilization, is the modern archaeological designation for a Bronze Age civilization found in Central Asia.
8220;After achieving great success in Japan and Europe, the BMAC premiere brand of hair shears finally comes to North America.
Harvest also is conducting a 42-patient pilot, randomized, controlled, safety cardiac study of its BMAC system in three U.
BMAC [6] provides an interface where the application can adjust the duty-cycle to adapt to changing traffic loads.
The main site in this large oasis contains a complex palace - temple building and is one of the best studied sites of the BMAC.
The Harvest pilot trial utilized the BMAC system, which processes the cells in 15 minutes in the operating room.
BMAC has been used for many years by neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons to generate bone for procedures such as spinal and tibia fusions.
167-196) uber weitere Verbindungen zwischen dem Substrat im Indo-iranischen und der vermuteten BMAC (BactriaMargina Archaeological Complex)-Sprache(n), wobei er neben dem Indo-iranischen als Sprache, die Begriffe aus der Oxus-Kultur ubernimmt, auch das Gemeintocharische ins Spiel bringt und Worter untersucht, die unabhangig von einander in das Gemeintocharische und in das Indo-iranische entlehnt sind.
Plymouth, MA announced it has signed an exclusive agreement related to its BMAC System in the US for the orthopedic bone marrow market with Osteotech, Inc.
On the other side of the spectrum, BMAC recently launched Bazeljet, a toothbrush holder that stores the brush in a mouth rinse between uses, while Pacific Dry Goods offers the Smiley toothbrush holder, a device that can be stuck to a bathroom mirror and keeps toothbrushes away from outside air.