BMAPABritish Marine Aggregate Producers Association (UK)
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It was great to meet Arthur," said BMAPA student Vincent Botting.
For further information about BMAPA and Birmingham Metropolitan College, call 0845 155 0101 or visit www.
Popular visitor: BMAPA students chatting to Arthur Darvill, centre with glasses, during their seminar.
Reaching: Step into the limelight with the BMAPA youth theatre group.
With industry professionals teaching the courses, our strong links to many leading theatres and performing arts bodies, as well as excellent success rates on our qualifications, BMAPA is well on its way to becoming a leading force in the teaching and training of talented performers across the region.
To find out about the BMAPA courses available to study at the Sutton Coldfield Campus, call 0845 155 0101 or visit www.
Star-struck: Head of BMAPA Paul Garnault and students Leah Hennessy and Ophelia Madourie meet Treyc Cohen.