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AI enables BMAs for improving combat identification, identifying and assessing tactical courses of action, coordinating distributed warfare resources, and incorporating predictive war-gaming into tactical decisions.
She would like to see the BMAs evolve by adding more participating colleges, and she believes firmly in the winners using the prize money to travel abroad.
On the other hand, a CD45-CD271+ cell fraction of 0.016% (from 0.009%-0.032%) was observed in BMAs, with 1520 cells per 1 ml of BM (96-20,992) and a significantly lower average CFU-F count, that is, 60 (3-900) per 1ml of BM [26] or comparable results [27, 28].
A total of 109 patients from 2 studies utilized BMAs as bone graft extenders (Table 1) in MIS-TLIF and achieved a fusion rate of 93% (93-94%) [49].
The analgesic effects of BMAs are modest, and they should not be used alone for bone pain.
On the day of bone marrow aspirate (BMA), anesthesia was induced via 1-5% isoflurane (in 100% oxygen) and the pigs were endotracheally intubated.
The BMA leadership recommended the new contract to its junior doctor members, but in July 58 per cent of them rejected it, in a 68 per cent turnout.
Eleven years later, formal Philippine-German Expert Talks on Social Security commenced at the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) in Berlin on March 4-8, 2013.
[7] present a boundary-based approach towards pixel decimation with applications in block-matching algorithms (BMAs).
Similar BMAs contribute to the development of complex phragmoplast systems (Fig.