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BMASBritish Medical Acupuncture Society
BMASBehavioral Modeling and Simulation (workshop)
BMASBorder Manager Authentication Service
BMASBundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales
BMASBusiness Management Advisory Services
BMASBaggage Management Analysis System
BMASBase-Level Man-Day Accounting System
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We appreciate the helpful comments of Katherine Schipper (the editor), an anonymous referee, Linda Bamber, George Benston, Walt Blacconiere, Paul Irvine, Connie Kertz, Steven Schmitt, Greg Waymire, and seminar participants at The University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, Emery University, Georgia State University, Indiana University, University of Virginia, The Accounting Review Conference on Quality of Earnings, and The University of Texas at Austin's 2002 BMAS Conference.
The Brewer Company had been utilizing a dated IBM software solution, BMAS, but several internal employee opinion surveys emphasized that new software was a necessity if the company was to move forward.
As well as financial advice, BMAS also distributes an ownbrand credit card and provides personal loans.
Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - BMAS and Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture - BMEL Common emergency power supply Structural work / main building works.