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BMATBioMedical Admissions Test (UK)
BMATBedside Mobility Assessment Tool (nursing)
BMATBarcelona Music and Audio Technologies (Barcelona, Spain)
BMATBallistic Missile Analyst Technician (USAF Titan II ICBM crewmember responsible for electronics and guidance; 1960-1980s)
BMATBone Marrow Aspirate and Trephine (biopsy)
BMATBaptist Missionary Association of Texas
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The gold standard to confirm the diagnosis is by doing renal biopsy in order to get histopathological sample for examination together with BMAT and PET-CT for staging of the disease.
BMAT (Bio Medical Admissions Test) for example is the exam for anyone applying for Medical or Dental degrees.
One mum of two BMAT pupils said: "While all these people are losing jobs, the school still pays for riding lessons for some pupils.
Brucellosis has a wide range of symptoms, but a prompt diagnosis by an ELISA or BMAT serologic test and appropriate treatment can avoid morbidity and mortality.
The Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) is designed to assess a student's scientific knowledge, reasoning and writing skills in order to help admissions officers predict whether a student would be a good fit for a biomedical program.
Predictive Validity of the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT): An evaluation and case study.
The Southern Baptists of Texas (SBCT) have lately made overtures to the BMA of Texas (BMAT), attempting to persuade them to join their convention.
BMAT of the L3 and femoral necks on T1-weighted MRI (TR/TE, 150ms/4.4ms, flip angle, 70[degrees]) was segmented at the Image Analysis Laboratory by trained, quality-controlled, and cross-validated technicians using image analysis software (SliceOmatic, Tomovision Inc., Montreal, Canada).
Some of the tools like Vulcan, BMAT, Echelon, deja vu, GCOV, testrunner, winrunner, Rational test suite, bugzilla and Canatata++ etc.
Oscar Celma is the chief innovation officer at Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies (BMAT).