BMBTBuccal Mucosal Bleeding Time
BMBTBoard of Massage and Bodywork Therapy (North Carolina, USA)
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Compared to independent taxi drivers who enjoy autonomy and pay only a management fee to the BMBT, company drivers are requested not only to submit risk guarantees but also pay monthly rent to the company.
Yu Jun/Li Wenzhu of BMBT, +86-10-8516-2288 x1142/1144, or li_wenzhu@yahoo.
Meanwhile, to encourage domestic and international travel agencies to make significant contributions to Beijing's inbound tourist market, BMBT introduced five policies including "Prize for Charter Flights and Cruises," which is targeted at overseas travel agencies and cruise liners; "Retailer Prize for Overseas Travel Agencies," targeted at overseas tourist retailers; "Prize for Most Outstanding Contribution to Tourism in Beijing" that is aimed at those countries and regions which produce the most travellers to Beijing; "Prize for Winning the highest Foreign Exchanges to Beijing-based International Travel Agencies" and "Prize for Tourist Product Development," which targets the international travel agencies located in Beijing.